Case studies shows why students need to move to improve

Glance into an average classroom, and you will likely see young learners in a sea of stationary desks in one position – sitting. But we all know that kids are meant to move. So what kind of impact does integrating non-disruptive activity into the school day have?

View our video case studies to hear from teachers about how they have adopted standing desks into their classrooms and the effect they’ve seen on student performance and classroom dynamics. These various case studies describe:

  • The negative impact of sitting all day on student health and learning
  • The role low-level physical activity (LLPA) plays in supporting well-being and academic performance
  • How standing desks make a difference in engagement and performance

Educators in any role can learn how to create a personalized learning environments that drive overall student engagement and performance – all by taking a fresh look at the most foundational element of the classroom – the desks.

Learn how here.