Industry-leading standards for quality designs

Sit-stand desk converters are designed to improve comfort, health and productivity. But as the industry grows, many options for incorporating movement into the workday are ushering in serious ergonomic, quality and safety concerns. 

In this white paper, we share our rigorous testing standards and criteria based on more than 35 years of experience. Key takeaways include: 

  • How to find the right ergonomic fit 

  • Important safety and product certifications 

  • Reliability and warranty recommendations 

  • What to look for in quality designs 

With this research, we hope to equip ergonomists, buyers and individual users with the information they need to choose professional-grade workstations, helping improve the safety and quality of the whole industry. 

For a list of the top design features, download our executive brief, 10 Features of Quality Sit-Stand Desk Converters