Designing a Professional Sit-Stand Desk Converter Workstation

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It's possible to affordably upgrade existing desks or fixed-height workstations with a sit-stand desk converter. But with so many brands, how do you choose the right one?


The purpose of this 16-page white paper is to raise industry standards within the sit-stand desk converter category and simplify product selection for commercial buyers and users. Ergotron is sharing its design criteria to raise awareness about the importance of ergonomic ranges when choosing solutions across a broad population of users, and to help businesses understand the design elements that help ensure a sit-stand workstation is safe and reliable for years to come.


The paper will:

  • Discuss principles of designing and testing of a professional-grade Sit-Stand Desk Converter

  • Propose SSDC safety standards

  • Establish criteria to evaluate Sit-Stand Desk Converters

This is practical, clear guidance for businesses seeking to create healthy work cultures where employees can thrive.