Make the Sit-Stand Switch™: This handbook offers helpful recommendations for organizations to stand up to sedentary habits and build a sit-stand culture. For a brief overview, view the executive brief, The Business Case for Adopting Sit-Stand Workstations. 

Your guide to the Sit-Stand Switch™ 

With uninterrupted sitting negatively impacting employee productivity and contributing to many unhealthy (and costly) physical conditions and diseases, employees and employers are searching for healthier ways to work. 

Studies show that intermittent standing counteracts what researchers call “sitting disease,” but how can organizations stand up to sedentary habits and build a new sit-stand culture? 

Make the Sit-Stand Switch is your guide for successfully adopting sit-stand furniture in your workplace. You will learn how to: 

  • Build mindshare among influencers and address concerns 
  • Design your program with an effective policy, process and communications 
  • Choose what and when to measure results 

Plus, you’ll see how the Sit-Stand Switch improves engagement, performance and health, helping you reach your business goals and helping your employees thrive.